at home in Friedenau

It is our second morning in our wonderful flat in Berlin and we have just finished our pastries and coffee.  We live in Friedenau, a charming neighborhood in Southwest Berlin with tree-lined narrow streets and block after block of beautiful old buildings. The flat is just what we were looking for………..very bright and airy with incredibly high ceilings and large rooms.  The beds are comfy, the kitchen is cozy, and we have all the comforts of home.  The trek up seven flights of stairs to the 4th floor gives us a daily fitness workout, especially after arriving home with our grocery bags! After maintaining a 2700 square foot house in Bozeman for the past 10 years, we love the simplicity and communal nature of our new lifestyle.

We forewarned the kids that meals will be different here……less cooking and cleanup for mom and dad!  Last night’s deli supper was liverwurst, salami, potato salad, pickled asparagus, rolls and a few other cold items…..light and yummy!  We are surrounded by bakeries in every direction and we got to sample a French rose at the local wine shop before making our purchase last night. The weather has been perfect since we arrived and we are ready for our first sightseeing excursions this weekend.