As the first day of school draws near, it’s time for the traditional school supply shopping.  This year isn’t really that much different from any other year…’s just that we have to figure out the meaning of all the items listed on the supply lists for the kids’ classes.  And what better place to find those supplies than Woolworth’s, recommended as the lowest cost shopping stop by parents from the JFK School.  But I thought Woolworth’s had gone out of business.  Indeed it has. The company went out of business in 1997 but stayed in the sporting goods market and changed its name to Foot Locker. While Woolworth’s succumbed to competitors such as Kmart, Target and Wal-Mart, Woolworth stores can still be found in Germany, Mexico, Austria and South Africa.  Berlin alone has 22 Woolworth stores.

There was no lunch counter at our local Woolworth’s, but it did look a lot like the Woolworth’s that I remember from when I was young. And the prices were quite a bit lower than the other chain store we checked out! According to Wikipedia, Deutsche Woolworth declared insolvency in 2009 and anticipated a number of store closures, but since Wal-Mart doesn’t operate in Germany perhaps the company will pull through.