It’s here!  The time for me that I have been waiting for…….the kids have been in school since Monday and I have a large open window of time each day to do as I please.  Well, that’s not quite the case.  I’d like to say that I have visited the museums and cultural landmarks of Berlin this week, but so far all I have done is shop for school supplies, shop for groceries, shop for rain gear, do the laundry, find the post office, figure out how to use the bank and put minutes on our phones, have my picture taken because the “authorities” rejected the photo I submitted for my residence permit (my teeth were showing!), and did I mention shop for school supplies?

Not having a professional job is a huge change for me.  I’ve stepped out of teaching and am ready to step into…………….well, anything. My goal is to not have too many goals so that I can follow my natural instincts and interests.  Today I am going to play my saxophone but if I sound horrible, no big deal!  I have no plan for tomorrow and that’s a good thing.  Most of us crave structure and routine and I am no different. But after more than 12 years of working and parenting, I hope to reclaim my ability to live in and enjoy the moment.

As for the kids, they are quickly adjusting to the JFK School: Avery (7th grade) is in high school and has 12 classes, Olivia (6th grade) is in elementary school and is overjoyed with her home room teacher and classmates, and Sam (1st grade) gets to play soccer every day at recess with lots of new friends. Brian is adjusting to teaching AP Physics in addition to 7th, 8th, 9th, and 11th grade Physics.  And I am the kids’ self-appointed German tutor, ready to drill them each night on their new vocabulary and grammar.