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AVIVA-BerlinBack in April an interesting message caught my eye among the many that land in my electronic inbox each day: “AVIVA-Berlin Seeks Participants for Jewish Women’s Histories in Berlin Writing Project.” My eyes quickly devoured the two page call for proposals while my brain was already churning out possible story ideas. There was just one apparent glitch — AVIVA was looking for Jewish women writers from Israel and the former Soviet Union. This wasn’t the first time that I felt a little left out as an American Jew in Germany. But there was no need for wounded feelings. I contacted Sharon Adler, publisher of AVIVA-Berlin, and she eagerly agreed to include me in the project.

According to Sharon, there are currently 10 Writing Girls who range in age from 16 to 61. Their stories are about Jewish women in Berlin, from the present and the past, with a special emphasis on “forgotten stories.” My article is a follow-up to an earlier piece I wrote about the discovery of my great-aunt Meta Adler. Although Meta was not from Berlin, her story has become intertwined with my own life as a Jewish woman in Berlin. Many thanks to Sharon Adler for her support of Jewish women writers!

Here is the link to my story: