I’m grateful to many people for bringing light into my life during the past year. One of those people is a friend in France whose photography and soulful reflections always brighten my days. He has graciously agreed to share some seasonal images of light and related commentary on this site.

Chanukah is about light, rededication, candles, latkes, games and symbolism on one level and has a higher meaning at another level. At the higher level Chanukah is a time to reflect on the lives of others and those who helped prepare you for the path you have taken in your life: a teachable moment involving questions and discussion within your family. The photograph below depicts a sunset and yet there remains light to celebrate.
A light that will never leave you.


During Chanukah I visit a special place in Gurs, France. Here I reflect on the past year and dedicate myself to practice forgiveness and truth. I believe that each person has his or her unique method for lighting the dark; a candle, a kind word, a prayer, a small gift, or the recognition of another person.


Thanks to my friend in France for this contribution. As we approach the winter solstice, I hope each of you experience light in your homes and hearts to help guide you through the dark days ahead.