Where’s the Good News About the Jews? A Report from Berlin. 12 November 2018. Times of Israel.

Beyond Kippas. 29 April 2018. Times of Israel.

Why Don’t We Talk More About Reconciliation? 31 October 2016. Times of Israel.

What Does Your Reisepass Mean to You? 7 February 2016. Times of Israel.

The Women’s Room: A Report from Berlin’s Refugee Centers. 3 December 2015. Jewish Women’s Archive.

Jewish in Europe: Another Perspective. 28 January 2015. Tikkun Daily.

I Rallied Against Anti-Semitism: Now What?. 29 September 2014. Tikkun Daily.

Where I’ll Celebrate Passover Next Year. 26 May 2014. The Jewish Writing Project.

United States to Germany: Why My Family Moved. 17 October 2013. Tikkun Daily.

German Jewish Cultural Heritage in the USA. Link to the Past: An American Family Explores Their Jewish Roots in Berlin. Deutsche Welle Film.

Finding and Building Jewish Community in Germany. 28 January 2013. Tikkun Daily.

Jewish Identity: A Round-Trip Journey. 23 January 2013. Jewish Women’s Archive.

Memories Lost and Found. July 2012. AVIVA-Berlin.

Meta’s Untold Story. 12 March 2012. The Jewish Writing Project

Descendants. 6 January 2012. Tablet Magazine.

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The Tapestry of Self. 17 October 2011. The Jewish Writing Project.

Reclaiming My German Citizenship. 18 July 2011. The Jewish Writing Project.


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