Just about three years ago at this time we were skipping with joy over the news that we would be moving to Berlin for two years. At the end of those two years we wanted to stay put, but family responsibilities tugged us back to Bozeman. We’ve been back in Bozeman for almost eight months now….and during those eight months we’ve never lost sight of our goal: to return to Berlin in the summer of 2013.

It’s hard to say if we are making any progress towards our goal. After lots of job applications and a few interviews, we still have no idea if we’ll be moving to Berlin this summer. If we stay in Bozeman we’ll be remodeling our house, buying a bigger car that fits our growing teenagers, and planning our next road trip. We will lead a typical American lifestyle. But if we move back to Berlin, we’ll return to a lifestyle that suits us better: no car ownership, lots of international travel and ethnic food consumption, and immersion in the varied cultural and recreational offerings of a European cosmopolis.

So as a new week begins I’m trying to keep doubt and angst about the future at bay. I draw inspiration from my husband Brian who approaches the most stressful of situations with the equanimity of a cow grazing in a Montana meadow. Life is actually pretty peaceful here in Bozeman at the moment….the kids are happy, winter is winding down, and we’ve been enjoying killer lemon drops with our friends. Still, if any of our Berlin friends know of any great writing, editing, or teaching opportunities for me, don’t hesitate to be in touch!